Jail ‘is less likely than Harry marrying Pippa’

Less than one in 50 crimes committed in Filey Police’s patch end up with someone behind bars.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 28th May 2015, 3:12 pm
Pippa Middleton
Pippa Middleton

That is according to police figures, which show nobody has ever been prosecuted for the vast majority of crimes in the area.

And the rate of imprisonment is so low, one bookmaker thinks Prince Harry is more likely to wed Pippa Middleton than a criminal is to be jailed for a crime in Filey and Eastfield.

Chief Inspector Lindsey Stamp said that overall, crime in the area is already down five per cent so far this year.

And the borough’s top cop claims her force are making inroads in tackling the crimes for which the numbers aren’t down.

But the year-on-year figures, obtained from the police.uk crimemap, show that serious crimes in the area skyrocketed last year – with a 62 per cent spike in violent and sexual crimes.

Drug offences and burglaries are also on the up, in an area in which a crime is committed on average every three hours.

Comparatively, in Scarborough, you are more than twice as likely to go to prison for a crime, while police have much more success in bringing cases against suspects.

North Yorkshire Police aren’t responsible for who is sent to prison, with the force’s responsibilty being to charge suspects and prepare a case for the Crown Prosecution Service.

But commenting on the figures, Ch Insp Stamp said there were reasons for the increase – and that some of the time a surge in offences was actually “good” news.

“Burglaries are up largely because of a spate of offences at the holiday parks – the culprits were caught and are now in prison,” she said.

“And the reporting of sexual crime is a trend nationally – what we are seeing now is that, especially in historical cases, victims have more confidence reporting an incident to us

“I view that as a good thing.”

In Filey and Eastfield, there were 358 reported violent or sexual crimes last year – meaning almost one was reported every day.

In the year between April 2014 and March 2015, one in eight crimes were either violent or sexual – with the police only coming accross anti-social behaviour more, which figures show is the biggest day-to-day problem facing the police on a daily basis accounting for over half of all offences in Filey and Eastfield.

The crime figures were obtained from the police.uk crimemap, a website designed to offer more police transparency, showing the public where and when crime happened in their neighbourhood – and what had been done about it.

Figures from that website showed that approximately one in 52 crimes committed last year in the Filey and Eastfield area, which includes Hunmanby, resulted in someone imprisoned for it.

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