Join us in the battle against fake news with our interactive #TrustedNewsDay

Join us in the battle against fake newsJoin us in the battle against fake news
Join us in the battle against fake news
This newspaper, along with local titles across the UK, will hold an interactive #TrustedNewsDay on Friday as part of our campaign to Fight Fake News.

And we invite you, our loyal army of readers and advertisers, to be part of it.

The day will give you the opportunity to quiz our editorial team via social media, about how we take decisions about stories both in our newspaper and on our website.

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In the build-up to and during Friday’s TrustedNewsDay editorial staff will be on Facebook Live at 10.30am talking about Fighting Fake News and discussing initial plans for upcoming news coverage.

See the articles in our papers this week and watch out for the #Trustednewsday

Fighting Fake News has seen hundreds of local papers highlight their highly-trusted credentials.

The campaign, which launched a week ago and will continue through Local Newspaper Week (May 15-21), has prompted Prime Minister Theresa May to comment on the dangers of fake news on social media and the importance of a free press.

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