Letter: Council leadership's disregard for opinion

I have known Cllr Bastiman for a number of years but he seems to have had a personality transplant and become somewhat of a megalomaniac.

Thursday, 5th January 2017, 8:47 am
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 12:01 pm
Council leadership is simply not listening to the wishes of the people.

I am really not understanding his attitude with regard to the Futurist.

He is simply not listening to the wishes of the people.

Would you buy a house for £4m and then sell it for £600,000 thereby making a massive loss? I think not. This is taxpayers’ money he is using in order to force his style of leadership on our town.

He insists that ‘the deal is done’ - well not according to a lot of councillors.

We do not want Flamingo Land on the Futurist site.

Surely they would be more than welcome to put their rides etc. on the old Mr Marvels site which, at the moment, resembles nothing more than a tip.

How can he ignore local people and companies coming forward to offer their help to restore the Futurist. Indeed, one company offering to take on work costing £100,000 – at no cost to Scarborough council at all.

In fact, how can he totally ignore the massive public outcry at deluded plans to force his wishes through when there is a perfectly suitable alternative.

He should come along to our meeting at the YMCA (5 January) and listen to what we have to say.

In the interests of transparency these questions need to be answered by Scarborough Borough Council:

1. Why is Scarborough Borough Council so set on the demolition of the Futurist when there is a perfectly acceptable solution (ie restoration and Charitable Trust)?

2. Why is it considered good use of taxpayers’ money to be clearing this site costing at the very least £4m and then selling to a private company, Flamingo Land, for £600,000?

3. Apart from the guesstimated £4m costs has the cost of compensation been thought about to the houses and business nearby whose properties may well be affected by the use of heavy machinery/drilling etc?

4. Why are the wishes of Scarborough people being ignored by Scarborough Borough Council? It is my understanding that councillors are elected to listen to the people who voted them in and act accordingly, not to just use your own personal opinion which may well be at odds with ours.

How many of you have canvassed around your wards and actually ASKED what people want?

I leave this with Scarborough Borough Council and their consciences.

Dorree Gallie

Ling Hill