Letter: Councillors must work together for sake of Pocklington

Fears for town of Pocklington.Fears for town of Pocklington.
Fears for town of Pocklington.
I fear for the future of my beloved home town of Pocklington, which appears to be heading for more disharmony among its elected representatives.

Sadly, we find our town’s local government in such a sorry state that the stench of discourse will linger for along time.

One local councillor has turned on Pocklington an unhealthy spotlight.

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We have read how some council debates have become so bitter that a conclusion could not be reached.

Earlier last year, the entire parish council of Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck resigned. Thankfully, due to the efforts of two other Ward councillors, the council was later reinstated.

We have learned through reports that a ward councillor has opted out of working with the town council.

Surely, that can only hinder Pocklington’s progress and lessen our representation at County Hall.

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This is no way for an elected member to serve his community but what is more worrying is that we might have to wait another two years or more before we can go to the polls again.

The only solution, in my view, is for one person in particular to step down.

Mike Andrews (retired local government officer)