Letter: Friends of the Earth remain focused on fracking

I'd like to re-assure your readers that Friends of the Earth is focused on fighting fracking because of its environmental risks.

It would be perfectly legitimate for Friends of the Earth Trust, the charitable part of Friends of the Earth, to campaign on fracking because of the harm it would do to the environment, and we exist to protect the environment. However, right now, the Trust is focused on other environmental threats, for example, protecting bees from pesticides.

Friends of the Earth Limited is a much smaller company working with local communities to clearly communicate the risks of fracking to people’s health, the local environment, the North Yorkshire economy and the global climate.

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We are openly and transparently challenging the fracking industry and the politicians planning to unleash thousands of fracking wells in North Yorkshire.

While our opponents may try to silence us we will continue to talk about the risks of fracking, and the Government’s disregard for what the public want; and they don’t want fracking in Yorkshire – or anywhere else.

Mike Childs,

Head of Science, Policy and

Research, Friends of the Earth