Letter: Money could be better spent

Having read the long letter from Cllr David Chance, I believe it is important to set the record straight on several points.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 2nd February 2017, 10:30 am
Updated Thursday, 2nd February 2017, 10:46 am
It is important to set the record straight on several points.
It is important to set the record straight on several points.

In a conversation some years ago, he told me his introduction to theatre was early in his career as a council officer in northern Scotland when part of his job was to look after a small town local theatre there. At some time in this same council officer career he went to Cambridge, where it seems part of his remit included the theatre there (which I visited occasionally myself). It would appear that he is a partner in a Welsh Performers Management Company based in Cardiff, where his home address in Whitby is listed as their “Yorkshire Office”. He is also a trustee of the Stephen Joseph Theatre.

What else has happened during his stated 48 year theatre management career does not appear to be listed anywhere. He is also, apparently, a member of BAFTA.

When he stopped being a full-time paid and pensionable local government employee, and became a full-time working professional earning his living in theatre and entertainment only, also is not made apparent on the CV. I am publishing this information, so we can all understand his decision making approach to theatre and entertainment and the Futurist theatre.

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By comparison, the core of our team includes professionals of all ages in theatre and entertainment currently and/or permanently employed in all aspects of theatre operational management, performing, business management, technical management and logistics, with personal contacts throughout the industry from performers to theatre management and all activities between, all being supported by The Theatres Trust.

Also managers of theatres throughout the country who have recently refurbished and regenerated their theatres are willingly supporting and helping us in our efforts with the benefit of their advice and experience.

Councils are recognising the importance of theatre in their communities.

We did submit a very comprehensive business case to the council nearly a year ago.

It is interesting to note that some of the ideas in the recent Flamingo Land proposal were very similar to those expressed by us in that business case.

While we have had a lot of publicity relating to our knowledge, skills, wishes and abilities to take over and run the theatre as a charitable trust, his letter only relates to why the council cannot continue to afford to keep and run the theatre themselves, together with the costs of stabilisation.

Has it occurred to the council that if you don’t demolish the theatre you won’t need to stabilise the cliff?

However it needs to be said that sooner or later some stabilisation to underpin against the ravages of time and weather would probably be a good thing.

We are asking them to give the theatre to us and save themselves the money for more important needs.

He is right, the monies set aside for council development of that site would be much better spent on Whitby piers.

Patricia David, Save the Futurist, Filey RoadScarborough