Letter: My wife is still suffering from our ordeal

Incident is still causing distress to family.Incident is still causing distress to family.
Incident is still causing distress to family.
My wife and I were in Scarborough town centre when an incident occurred involving us both.

As we walked towards the library, and past the chip shop Wackers, a crowd of youngsters (approximately aged 10 to 12) were squirting each other with water bottles and in the process, were running around, dodging each other.

Consequently, they knocked my wife over onto the pavement where she fell heavily.

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She was badly injured, unable to move, and therefore an ambulance had to be called, which arrived three hours later.

During this time, several passers-by and workers from nearby shops very kindly came to the aid of me and my wife.

Once in hospital, my wife was treated for a fracture to her right femur and consequently had to have an operation for it to be pinned and was in hospital for seven days.

My wife is still suffering from the severe pain in her leg and is currently recuperating at home.

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I would like to make these youngsters (who knew they had knocked her over, but ran away laughing), aware of the consequences of their actions.

Severe damage has been done to my wife and I, who were simply minding our own business whilst out shopping.

However, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the first class service we received from the paramedic, ambulance crew and the staff in Scarborough Hospital A&E and Holly Ward.

Also, a big thank you to all the members of the public and shop workers that attended the scene and looked after my wife and I.

It was very much appreciated.

Bob and Margaret Stead



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