Letter: No alternative but to reduce the number of gull eggs

The gull problem. At long last they have a masterplan!

At last a masterplan for gull problem.
At last a masterplan for gull problem.

We presently have falcons living very happily with all the gulls on the Marine Drive and also breeding there, they eat small birds like doves, pigeons and song birds, not gulls.

It is well documented that for hundreds of years there was no gull problem – their numbers were controlled by removing hundreds of eggs.

The problem has arisen because man has seriously reduced the natural food of the gull. There is only one solution – reduce the number of gulls.

There is no other solution, all any present proposals will do is move the problem from one area to another.

A gull has to eat, deprive it of its normal food source and it will find another, and as matters are at the moment, not in a manner one appreciates, but making litter bins etc more difficult to gain food from will only make the gulls look elsewhere and more than likely not in a pleasant manner.

A Rosbottom

Hatterboard Drive