Letter: Still waiting for a positive outcome over Raincliffe Woods

Raincliffe Woods is a mess.Raincliffe Woods is a mess.
Raincliffe Woods is a mess.
In answer to Simon Bowers item regarding Raincliffe Woods in last week's Scarborough News.

Firstly, I have no personal issue with Mr Bowers as a forestry contractor doing his job. My issue is with the board of Raincliffe Wood Community Enterprise and the Woodland Trust and the handling of the situation.

Secondly, I disagree over P.Ramorum (tree disease). In this case I believe it is being used as an excuse. I am a believer in not having to fix something unless it’s broken.

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Thirdly, the Woodland Trust received £100,000 funding for fell-to-waste, hardly doing this for nothing!

They presumably would also hope to raise funds from public membership subscriptions to further fund the project.

Raincliffe Woods is a mess. Pathways being ripped up, the waste brash and tree stumps left on the ground to become a fire risk, and it will take years for this debris to rot away.

I set up Raincliffe Wood Community Enterprise with only low impact intervention in mind.

This I believe is still possible.

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My resignation from the board was over a number of issues. It now saddens me that something more positive could not be achieved.

John Bradley,

founder of Raincliffe Wood Community Enterprise,

Princess Square