Letter: Trees are cut down '“ but at what cost?

Re removal of trees on the seaward side of the new water park and next to the miniature railway.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 8th December 2016, 11:30 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 12:37 pm
When were the public informed of the threes being cut down? Were the public even consulted?
When were the public informed of the threes being cut down? Were the public even consulted?

On a morning walk along the seafront of the North Bay I became aware of men sawing down trees next to the miniature railway below the new water park.

I asked what was wrong with the trees and it was alleged that nothing was wrong with them but several mature trees were being taken down so that people by the pool at the new water park would be able to see the sea. Is this true? If so when was this agreed and by whom?

When were the public informed of this? Were the public even consulted?

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I have taken a great interest in this water park development and have raised objections to various aspects of it, but was not aware of any intentions to destroy mature trees because I certainly would have raised objections to this.

Apart from the apparently unnecessary destruction of sound trees, it seems that no consideration has been given to the fact that trees in this area give added stability to the slope on which they are sited.

No account seems to have been taken of the landslip which occurred next to these trees - to the north of them - a few years ago which resulted in the miniature railway being blocked for several months and expensive remedial work having to be undertaken. I would suggest that removing these trees will significantly increase the risk of a similar event.

Are the officers and councillors who approved the removal of these trees going to accept responsibility personally for any such problems which occur in the future as a result of their decision, for they must surely have been made aware of this earlier landslip before making their decision?

J Butterfield

Lady Edith’s Park