Man's mate had safes stolen from Spotlight Theatre in his home

A Bridlington man whose mate has admitted handling stolen safes from Spotlight Theatre has been jailed.

Darren Worgan was charged with four counts of theft and one of handling stolen goods - namely safes from the West Street theatre.

The court heard on Wednesday (November 23) that Worgan was arrested after police found him at his mate Andrew Everest’s home - where officers found the stolen safes.

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District Judge Fred Rutherford said: “At the time Mr Worgan was arrested, he was present in the property - but the items had be secreted.”

And on Monday (November 21), Andrew Everest pleaded guilty to handling the stolen safes and is due to be sentenced on December 19.

But Judge Rutherford said the Crown were unable to prove Worgan had anything to do with the stolen safes.

He said: “Noting that the evidence of the prosecution is that they only have the items found at Andrew Everest’s address, and no forensics or other evidence put Mr Worgan as involved with those matters.

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“In the circumstances, with regard to the handling matter, that particular matter is discontinued.”

But he was still banged up after admitting a string of thefts last month.

He stole two fur coats from Peacocks on November 18 and 19, three make-up sets from Superdrug on November 13 and two toothbrushes on November 11.

The judge told Worgan to “sort yourself out” and jailed him for two weeks.

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