More reaction to Flamingo Land: new attraction 'more of a fantasy than a reality'

Concerns have been raised over the safety of the site.Concerns have been raised over the safety of the site.
Concerns have been raised over the safety of the site.
'It's more of a fantasy than a reality'.

That's the opinion of Save the Futurist campaigner Diana Tasker on the new Flamingo Land attraction.

Mrs Tasker, who spent years trying to convince the council not to demolish the Futurist Theatre said she has now accepted the outcome of the campaign. However, after seeing the first impressions of how Flamingo Land Coast might look, she is worried about the future, and safety, of the site.

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She said: "I have a terrific worry about the site. The land has proved to be unstable and building a roller coaster on unstable land is quite a risky venture I think. I would have thought they would build something like this on the former Mr Marvel's site on the north side for example."

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Mrs Tasker also pointed out that the attraction would only be used in the summer and that its intrusion in St Nicholas Gardens will spoil "the piece and tranquillity" of the place.

However, her "overriding worry" remains the chosen location.

She added: "I know that they're going to do an environmental impact assessment but when we went to court the council's assessment of the site identified a risk of catastrophic collapse. To me, it looks more like a fantasy rather than a reality and with the risk of vibration and noise I can't see it as a practical thing to do."

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