More staff come forward to report bullying behaviour at Scarborough Hospital

Following last week’s special report in The Scarborough News on bullying behaviour at Scarborough Hospital, more employees have been coming forward to tell their experiences.

More hospital workers have come forward to report bullying behaviour.
More hospital workers have come forward to report bullying behaviour.

In last week’s report we highlighted how some members of staff are left feeling “belittled” and “upset” as a result of the abuse they say they are subjected to from their superiors.

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Revealed: the 'culture of bullying' at Scarborough Hospital

“If you’re off sick they tell you to hurry up and get back to work. They treat you like plebs.

“I only flick in and out and even I noticed it so there’s no point in lying about it.”

James, which is not his real name, said managers get away with it because people are scared.

He added: “They lead by fear, you’ll get managers say ‘if you don’t like it there’s plenty of people who want your job’. I suppose a lot of staff think ‘if I didn’t work here where would I go?’.”

Another member of staff who also experienced bullying had to leave their job as a result. They praise the support they received from an RCN union representative.

They said: “I have a medical condition and as soon as they see someone slightly different you get picked on.

“They questioned my ability to do my job, they told me I wasn’t good at communicating and that I wasn’t performing to standards. Instead of supporting me they went down the route that I wasn’t able to do the job which I’d been doing for 20 years and the moment I decided to stand up to it, it got worse.

“Managers side with other managers, HR side with managers... you don’t get believed.

“In the end I realised I wasn’t going to win and I left.”

However, the Trust says “the vast majority of staff in the Trust work in a way that is consistent with the Trust’s core values”, adding that anyone who experiences bullying or harassment is encouraged to raise their concerns.