More than 50 Scarborough trains cancelled in four weeks

More than 50 trains have been cancelled between York and Scarborough in just four weeksMore than 50 trains have been cancelled between York and Scarborough in just four weeks
More than 50 trains have been cancelled between York and Scarborough in just four weeks
Passengers aboard trains to and from Scarborough are allegedly being 'sacrificed' so other services can run on time.

In just over four weeks, 60 trains between York and Scarborough have been cancelled because the train arrived at York station late.

Since Monday May 21, 30 trains, operated by TransPennine Express, travelling from York to Scarborough have been cancelled.

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Many trains terminate at Malton with the large majority running 20 or more minutes late.

Subsequently the following train running from Scarborough to York is also cancelled – meaning another 30 trains haven’t run for Scarborough and Seamer passengers.

Commuter Karen Chiverall, of Osgoodby, said: “I was told if the train is 20 minutes late leaving Leeds or getting to York then they will stop at Malton rather than come to Scarborough.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous. We are fed up of the way they’ve treated us – it’s as though we don’t exist yet we pay the highest fare.

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“They want to sacrifice the end of the service so the next one is on time. We can’t get any other train but there is plenty that run between York and Leeds but from York to Scarborough there is just one train an hour.”

The most likely trains to be cancelled are the 6.45pm train from York to Scarborough and the 7.50pm train from Scarborough to York – which were both cancelled seven times in just over four weeks.

Robert Goodwill, MP for Scarborough, is among commuters who have been affected by late running trains being cancelled.

He said: “It’s actually happened to me. They said we have stopped at York and we had to get off and wait for the following train.

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“We were 40 minutes late and the next train was on time so we were an hour later arriving in Scarborough.”

Adding: “It’s very annoying when it happens to you. It’s between making some people late and making everybody late it must be difficult for them to make this decision.

“It’s not acceptable that so many services are running so late that they need to be cancelled.” For rail commuters this is the only service an hour linking York to Scarborough, whereas trains run every 15 minutes to Manchester.

An additional service, from Northern Rail, has been proposed for sometime.

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“This will be a lot better when we get the Northern service, the hourly service will go to half hourly,” said Robert Goodwill. “It will make it a walk-up service. People wouldn’t wait 59 minutes for the next train but a service every 30 minutes is a lot more accessible.”

The problems for Scarborough come as their is widespread delays across the railway lines in the north.

A spokesperson for TransPennine Express said: “As part of our current timetable, we run a service every hour to and from Scarborough. Unfortunately, we have had to cancel some of these trains recently as a result of operational issues caused elsewhere on the rail network.

“Working with our industry partners, we have put together a joint plan to address these issues and deliver a service that our customers expect and deserve.

“We are already starting to see some improvements as a result of this plan.”

If you train is late by 30 minutes or more you can claim a partial or full refund at