Motorists face being short-changed again

It was with a resigned sigh of what I expected when the Scarborough cabinet voted for another tax increase on residents and the people who keep our economy alive... shoppers and visitors.

Thursday, 18th October 2018, 11:02 am
Updated Friday, 19th October 2018, 3:02 am
Motorists pay the price

I would point out the increases motorists have suffered in the borough.

• Resident parking permits increase from £15 to £30 per year per car.

• Visitor scratch cards increased from 80p to £1.

• 24-hour car parking increased from £6 to £9.

• Winter parking free to £1.

There is a relentless opportunism to these increases, how can we squeeze more from the motorist?

Parking tickets collect how much per year for minor infringements such as failing to scratch the year off you parked.

At the same time we are informed the high street is in decline yet more and more out of town developments are given permission with free parking attached. Why does everyone avoid congested town centres, sitting in queues to find a parking space with fewer and fewer shops to frequent ?

Shops need footfall to keep them going, by sending out the message we are going to charge you to even enter the town centre the council fails to grasp the enormity of their actions, but it’s only £1 they say. Grandma used to say count the pennies and the pounds look after themselves... £1 spent on parking is £1 not spent in the local economy and it all adds up.

Just a final thought, there was some discussion on meters being modified, will they, for example, give change or accept cards all the time?

It’s no use offering reduced parking for 80p if you only have £1 in your pocket, the council keeps your change, view it as a tip for the excellent representation they offer.

Peter CroftSandpiper HouseWhitby