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Ministry of Food: The Week's Food Facts

By The Newsroom
Friday, 14th October 2016, 9:00 am

A few commonsense rules of diet may make all the difference to your sleep. Don’t have a heavy supper, which might cause indigestion. Instead have a light nourishing meal, and eat it some hours before you go to bed.


A Light Supper Dish

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Try fish and celery casserole for supper. Cut one and a half pounds of fillets of any white fish into convenient pieces.

Roll in flour or oatmeal seasoned with salt and pepper, and put in your casserole together with the outside sticks of a good head of celery chopped into inch lengths.

Add three or four potatoes roughly sliced, cover with milk and water, half and half, and cook very slowly for one and a half hours.

Season with salt and pepper before serving.

How to make HAY-BOX

Hay-box cookery is particularly suitable for stews, soups, root vegetables, pulses, porridge and bacon. And it saves fuel.

A wooden box measuring about 2 ft. deep and 2 ft. 6 in. square is a convenient size.

You can often buy one at your grocers. It must be fitted with strong lid, secured with hinges and a hasp.

First line the box and lid with several thicknesses of newspaper ; then, if you have it, with some clean, old flannel or felt.

Use tacks to keep these linings place. Pack the box tightly with hay to within about 4 ins. of the top, making two nests in the hay for your cooking pans.

A padding of hay should also be fixed to the underside of the lid. Make a hay cushion 4 ins. thick to put on top of your pans.

To use the hay-box, bring your food to the boil in a pan on the stove, put on the lid tightly, then wrap the pan in newspaper and put it in one of the nests in the hay-box.

Cover with the cushion, fasten the lid and leave the food to cook, allowing at least twice as long as for ordinary simmering.

When required, heat up the stove again before serving.

Said Mrs. A to Mrs. B “Your meals have such variety! In vain for new ideas I hunt I can’t think how you do it!”

Said Mrs. B to Mrs. A : “At 8.15 a.m. each day I listen in to KITCHEN FRONT, And after that, Go To It!”

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