On this day in Yorkshire 1950

Two girls rescue mother and baby in bedroom blaze

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 21st September 2016, 9:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 1:33 pm

Two Halton girls last night rescued their sister end her two day old baby from a fire in a bedroom.

Afterwards one of them returned to the room to deal with the blaze.

The two girls are Lily Wilson (18) and Mary Wilson (15), daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wilson, of Kendal Drive.

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Mary is in the General Infirmary at Leeds with burns on the face, arms and legs. Early to-day she was reported to be “over the shock and improving.”

Mrs. Wilson told “The Yorkshire Post” last night that another daughter. Mrs. Edith Gaunt, gave birth to a baby boy at the house on Monday, and the two of them were in the front bedroom.

When a fire was being lit in the bedroom, some liquid which was being used exploded and flames swept into the room.

“As the bedclothes caught fire. Mary, who was the bedroom, tried to beat out the flames with her hands, although her own clothing was alight,” Mrs. Wilson said

“She must then have realised that it was impossible to extinguish the burning bedclothes, and turned her thoughts to the baby and his mother.

She called for Lily, who was in the next room, and then picked up baby David from his cot and brought him safely downstairs.

“Lily then went into the front bedroom and brought out Mrs. Gaunt, who was not able to walk unassisted.

Afterwards she returned and threw blazing bedclothes and clothing out through the window.”

Mr. Wilson, who was downstairs, extinguished Mary’s burning clothing and in doing so was slightly burned on the arm.

“Mary must have been caught by the flames when the liquid exploded.” said Mrs. Wilson. “but she did not worry about herself. Her only worry was for the baby and her sister Edith.”

Mrs. Gaunt and David were unharmed and were able return to their room later.

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