Surprise delivery for rescued hedgehog at Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary

At Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary we recently took in a hedgehog which had been rescued after being caught in netting.

By Alex Farmer, Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary
Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 4:07 pm

The hedgehog’s finder did her best to remove all the netting, but struggled to remove the last bit from her hind leg so she popped her in a hutch with cat food and water, a heat pad and blankets and decided to get her help the next morning.

Much to her surprise, the hedgehog had given birth overnight - five healthy hoglets were born!

Despite the stress of getting caught in netting, capture, an injured leg, containment and transfer to rescue, the mother hog has been quite settled and has been feeding her babies.

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A hedgehog taken in by Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary had five hoglets!

Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary is keeping the family as quiet as they can so mum can concentrate on her new hoglets.

In regards to the netting, staff at the sanctuary removed the remainder of it, but her leg is quite swollen.

So, after speaking to the vets at The Beck Veterinary Practice about medication for her injuries, taking into consideration she is a lactating female, the sanctuary were able to give her effective pain relief and antibiotics which won’t harm her young.

It is so important to ensure that all netting is tied off the ground including cricket nets, football nets, fruit and vegetable netting, any of it.

All of it is potentially hazardous to our wildlife so be mindful when using it.

Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary is looking for volunteers to join its little charity shop team based at 65 Haggersgate, Whitby.

If you would like to help, get in touch on 07342 173724 or email [email protected] for more information.