Letter: So what's being done about water quality?

Re that the poor water quality in Scarborough's South Bay after DNA profiling, was down to gulls and dogs fouling, including waste water and from business was sad to hear.

Thursday, 18th January 2018, 11:44 am
Updated Thursday, 18th January 2018, 11:50 am
The sea water failed to meet even the minimum standards for water quality.

A clever distraction, without a word on what is being done to stop and clean up Scarborough’s poor sea water quality.

The sea water failed to meet even the minimum standards for water quality, which came as no surprise to our councillors, who had to place warning signs, to advise people visiting the South Bay about the poor water quality.

The two large warning signs, with small printing, stating poor bathing water quality, with advice against bathing, are totally inadequate in my opinion.

It was contended that harbour usage, misconnections, industrial commercial operations and discharges, recreational activities on the beach, sea birds and dog fouling are responsible.

The boards also say that, Environment Agency makes daily risk pollution forecasts on rainfall predications, and that last year 14 warnings were issued, is very similar to a horse race betting forecast, but without finding out who the winner was.

On the plastics polluting our waters and beaches measures will be put in place to prevent farther plastics from contaminating our shoreline. What about the waste that has been allowed to be pumped into the bays for years?

Is enough being done to take out the harmful contaminates before it reaches the water?

Have any warnings or fines been issued in regard to this water pollution?

Phil McDonald

Wreyfield Drive