Letter: Some areas are not so Grand these days

As a regular visitor to Scarborough, I feel driven to say how pleased I am that funding has been found to secure the future of the South Cliff and Spa. Both are part of the town's unique appeal to visitors like myself, who have an enduring affection for Scarborough.

Thursday, 16th November 2017, 12:05 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 9:46 am
How about reviving some of Scarborough's other attractions like the Grand Hotel?

On a wider note, and forgive my impertinence, but how I wish that funds could also be found to revive some of the other ‘attractions’ such as the Grand Hotel, which seems to be permanently under attack from the dreaded seagulls and which displays their mess.

Also despite noble marketing, many Scarborough hotels and guest houses need drastic renovation and to be brought into this century if they are to survive in the long term.

They must shed themselves of the wreak of faded grandeur.

Will I keep visiting?

Of course I will.

Thousands of us will continue to clog up the A64 in eager anticipation of fish and chips, walks on the beach and so much more. I just hope that the landslip hasn’t happened by then.

Tom Gray

Tapton Bank