Letter: Town is being ravaged by the gulls

Seagull mess near the Spa bridge.Seagull mess near the Spa bridge.
Seagull mess near the Spa bridge.
My wife and I have just returned from a holiday visit to Scarborough which is her home town.

Although we enjoyed our visit, we were appalled to see how the gulls seem to have been allowed to take over large parts of the town centre buildings including the Grand Hotel and the Town Hall which are heritage properties.

The worst affected building is the Futurist cinema.

There are dozens of gull nests at roof level on all these buildings.

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The ground and parked cars all around them is polluted by droppings.

The birds shriek incessantly and squabble.

Occasionally they swoop down on anyone eating in the open air.

I read that some people have been attacked and injured.

Attempts have been made to protect some buildings by netting but the birds seem able to find other places to land and they continue to nest nonetheless.

The Town Hall is daubed in white gull mess.

I am sure there must be actual damage to roofs and gutting.

Surely some action should be taken to control these pests?

C Handforth

Oakerthorpe, Derbyshire