Filey man 'a pillar of society who did anything for anyone'

With reference to the front page story in the Scarborough News, regarding Mr Jim Haxby’s funeral arrangements.

Monday, 27th January 2020, 12:00 pm
Updated Monday, 27th January 2020, 1:08 pm
Jim Haxby

Instead of being able to bury Mr Haxby beside his brother as he had requested, his family have had to endure the humiliation, anxiety and worry that they may have to remove Jim from his present resting place to some unknown grave against his expressed wishes.

My wife and I have known the Haxby family for 36 years.

They are the most loving and close family I have ever known.

Jim was a pillar of society, he did anything for anyone.

He raised money for charities and entertained the old folks with his singing in the fishermen’s choir.

He was a church-going man and respected all faiths.

His knowledge of the history regarding the fishermen of Filey helped the local small museum to keep their records of that time.

His knowledge will be sadly missed.

His son and grandson are still keeping the tradition of fishing in his family.

This is an old Filey fishing family, they have all been born and raised in Filey and remained close together to help bring up their sons and daughters.

They are truly a rare, close knit, hard working family that you do not come across very much these days.

I consider it a privilege to know them.

I would like to thank Canon Peter Collier QC for using his common sense and also showing consideration towards the Haxby family.

Anthony L Thompson

Muston Road, Filey