Letter: Boris Johnson want us to spend - but where do we spend a penny?

Oh yes, the shops are reopening, hurray! But what about the loos?

By Reader Letter
Friday, 19th June 2020, 8:00 am
Brunswick Centre, Scarborough.
Brunswick Centre, Scarborough.

The facilities in Marks & Spencer are closed (despite the first floor now being open), as they are in the Brunswick Centre.

Boris Johnson wants us to spend, spend, spend but where can we spend a penny?

The cafes and restaurants remain closed and the nearest public conveniences to the town centre are on the seafront.

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The shops are happy to take our money but I think this could have been sorted out before they reopened.

Why can't social distancing work in the loos - it is working everywhere else.

Barbara Fawcett

Beechville Avenue