Mayor's praise for GP surgery at Egton, near Whitby, for their dedication and care

There are many stories in the papers, on social media and on the TV about the complaints of lack of access to GP surgeries across the country.

By Reader Letter
Friday, 15th October 2021, 10:00 am

Much of this has, in the main, been very negative and aggressive about gaining access to see a GP.

There has been a lot of criticism levelled at surgery staff across the country for not answering their phones and outrage from patients labelling GPs and their staff as lazy and playing the Covid system to avoid seeing patients.

This is definitely not my personal experience or that of my husband with our GP surgery.

Egton Surgery, near Whitby.

Throughout 2020 to the present time the doctors and staff at Egton Surgery, have been totally supportive and accessible for consultation.

Yes, at the worst part of lockdown there were more telephone consultations for patients but if in any doubt about your symptoms on the telephone, the GP made you an appointment to attend the surgery.

I would like to give a big shout out to the doctors and all the staff at Egton Surgery for their dedication, professionalism, care and attendance at work, to do a job that at times could have been seriously injurious to themselves and their families.

Throughout a time of a terrible transmittable disease crisis, your help and the support given by the staff is a tribute to you all and as patients you have our wholehearted thanks!

Credit where credit is due, thank you.

Linda Wild

Mayor of Whitby