Letter: Whitby could become a holiday theme park with no community

Re: the recent lead article in the Whitby Gazette regarding building news homes in Whitby.

Thursday, 13th January 2022, 10:54 am

The problem Whitby faces is multi-layered.

Affordable homes are needed for Whitby residents and future generations.

If you are starting a family, can you afford the current prices?

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Glorious day in Whitby - but are town properties now unaffordable for local people?

Whitby cannot build itself out of this problem.

I believe, based on the current property market boom, there are more people wanting a second home here than there is space to build new homes.

So if you build a new home, unless it is solely for the use of someone who lives in Whitby and is guaranteed to provide a home for a Whitby resident, the problem cannot be solved.

We can build on the golf course, Rievaulx Road and any other green space but once built on, where will you build the next?

New homes in Whitby must be designated by the borough council or new unitary authority as a residents' home which has to be occupied permanently by said residents.

The people that live in Whitby make Whitby what it is, their involvement in the economy is what helps make Whitby tick.

If you remove these people by default from living here, they cannot take part in the economy and the Whitby economy will not function correctly.

If you are a Whitby resident, where will your children and grandchildren live?

If they have to leave then you become more reliant upon social services in your later years as your support network no longer exists.

If you rely on home helps etc where will they live? It’s all inter-related.

The town council, borough council and new unitary authority need to grasp the nettle and stop the unregulated conversion of family homes into holidays lets, otherwise Whitby as we know it will cease to function and become a holiday theme park with no community.

I would suggest if you have the same feelings you contact your local councillor to raise this issue.

If everyone raises their opinions, councillors have to act, if councillors fail to listen and be involved then let them know you are not satisfied and remove them in local elections.

Together we can make a difference.

Peter Croft

Upgang Lane, Whitby