Stop wasting time and money on 'no good' Whitby swing bridge

I am writing in answer to Eric Walton’s letter in the Whitby Gazette ‘Swing bridge no longer meets town’s demands'.

Tuesday, 1st June 2021, 3:49 pm
Updated Tuesday, 1st June 2021, 3:50 pm

I totally agree with everything Mr Walton says in his letter.

The long-term solution is not cutting our town in half not just at the busiest times, but at all times.

This bridge is not at all reliable, it has had its day.

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Whitby Swing Bridge

It is inadequate now for this town and for the work it needs to do.

One hundred years is old and nothing lasts forever.

When this bridge was built it was for horses, not thousands of cars going over it.

This bridge even broke down during the lockdown when next to no traffic was crossing over it.

It’s broken down far too many times, it is unsafe, it is slow in its operation, even if it is fixed millions of times it will never be safe or reliable for long.

The bridge is too small for what is expected of it.

I agree with Mr Walton that there is room for a wider and modern bridge on both sides of the river, and this is what is needed which could be operated with one person by push button and so it would be very quick, nothing like the time it takes now.

It is time to get this bridge changed, let’s have a new one.

Stop wasting time and money on this no good bridge.

We don’t want roads and bridges closed and money spent on mini roundabouts etc.

The council is just wasting money that should be used for a new bridge, so stop the trials and get serious, be fair to the people of Whitby and replace what is needed.

Jean Thornton

Church Street, Whitby