We in Whitby 'are going to be overrun with housing'

It was pleasing to read the recent letter in the Gazette from the Whitby mayor.

I am not sure, but it often seems Whitby Town Council has little effect on Scarborough, which is a great pity.

If my information is correct the planning committee has few Whitby councillors so we are doubly lost when it comes to planning permission.

We in Whitby are going to be overrun with housing and no infrastructure to support it.

Sunny Whitby - but are too many homes being built?

Doctors are full, it takes weeks to get an appointment. Schools are full.

Where are all these people going to work or are the developments just to be second homes and holiday lets?

We have probably the worst bus service in the county and who really cares about what is happening to Whitby?

I live opposite the present Castle Park development where work has gone on now for over two years.

The noise and times they are working is unbelievable.