MATT CONNER: Learning from Tiger's mindset

Matt ConnerMatt Conner
Matt Conner
Tiger Woods is back. He will be teeing off today in the Hero World Challenge played in the Bahamas.

This will be Tiger’s first competitive tournament since finishing tied 10th at the Wyndham Championship in 2015.

We can all learn from one of Tiger’s pre-tournament interviews.

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He has said that in the time he has not been playing, the equipment has improved, fitness techniques have changed and the golfers have improved.

What hasn’t changed is the mind, he feels like he is ready to win again.

Try using two techniques on the golf course to help improve how you use your mind on the golf course.

Become target orientated

Rather than standing on the tee ground worrying about the trees on the right and the water on the left, try to focus on a target and just think about that target.

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When you are teeing off focus on a small area on the fairway and just think about that area not about the dangers.

It’s the same when putting, just focus on a small blade of grass that is on your chosen target line. This will help to give you a more positive swing when hitting the ball.

Don’t play until comfortable

If you are standing over any shot no matter how difficult and do not feel comfortable with the shot because you either don’t like the yardage or the wind has just started to gust - back away from your ball and start your pre-shot routine again.

Make sure you are happy with the yardage and the shot you are trying to produce so you can commit to making a good swing at the ball.

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