Paranormal investigators film at Old Star Inn

Strange noises and light anomalies were some of the unexplainable phenomena that spooked staff and guests at the Old Star Inn.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 21st October 2016, 3:52 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 3:15 pm
The Olde Star inn Old Town Bridlington. A team of Ghost Busters investgate spooky goings on. Pictures by Paul Atkinson: NBFP PA1636-4f
The Olde Star inn Old Town Bridlington. A team of Ghost Busters investgate spooky goings on. Pictures by Paul Atkinson: NBFP PA1636-4f

So it wasn’t long before an intrepid troop of paranormal investigators were called in to suss-out the 

“I’ve heard plates rattling upstairs, but there was no-one else in,” says pub worker Carly Warren, who is convinced all is not as it seems at the Old Star Inn, which dates back to the 17th century.

“I’m just intrigued,” said Carly, “we’re hoping for something that goes bump in the night!”

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And to document any ghostly going-ons, the team from East Yorkshire Psychic Research brought with them an arsenal of spirit-
detecting technology to the pub in Westgate, Bridlington.

Group founder Vic Harbord explained: “During our preliminary investigation we filmed a cigar-shaped light anomaly in a corridor.”

“We have infrared cameras, spirit boxes and electromagnetic field detectors.

“When we see them flashing, it’s really exciting.”

In scenes reminiscent of Paranormal Activity, the team gathered around a candle-lit Ouija board – hoping to make contact with ‘the other side’.

“Come forward. We mean you no harm,” urged Vic. The glass moved, but whatever force that guided it made little sense, as it darted to and from the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ signs.

Being no strangers to scepticisms, Vic said his goal is first to disprove the existence of ghosts during his eerie investigations.

“They can mess you about, the spirits,” he added.

The group decided to split into two, and Vic and Christine Townend made their way towards the rear of the pub, cameras at the ready, while the others ascended to the bedrooms.

“We come in peace. We don’t mean any harm,” Christine proclaimed.


Meanwhile, the bedrooms team were busy spooking themselves at the prospect of having detected something out of the ordinary.

Investigator Tina Richmond said: “Our electromagnetic field detectors all picked up something.

“We thought it might be your photographer’s camera, but when we asked him to turn it on and off, the detectors still flashed red.”

The spikes suggest a change in electrical current, which ghost-hunters say are caused by spirits.

And throughout the night, around a dozen infrared cameras were left to record continuously in the investigators’ absence.

Vic said: “It will take us a while to go through all the footage and the pictures, as well as those the other members of the group have taken. We will meet up later on in the week and take it from there.”

If you are being plagued by sordid spirits and ghastly ghosts, Vic and Christine are on hand to help – free of charge. Vic can be contacted on 07890 601328 and Christine on 07773 487875.