Parking in Bridlington - these are the cheapest and most expensive places

If you're heading into Bridlington, here's a handy list of some of the main car parks in and around the town centre.

Parking in Bridlington
Parking in Bridlington

This guide also shows how much it costs to leave your car there, so you can work out which works out the most convenient for you and your wallet. On-street parking is also available but much of the town centre has a one-hour restriction.

The medium-stay car park off Quay Road charges 1 per hour, up to a maximum of 4 for four hours. Overnight parking between 8pm and 8am is 1.40.
Operated by the Lords Feoffees, charges are 1 for two hours and 1.50 for three hours, Monday to Saturday. On Sundays and Bank Holidays it is 1 for two hours and 50p for each additional hour.
This privately-run car park charges 1.40 per hour, up to 9.80 for seven hours. The all-day parking rate is 12.
At this small car park, hidden away behind the Beaconsfield pub, you will pay 60p for the first hour, 1.40 for two hours, 2.20 for three hours and 2.90 for all day parking.
Bridlington's biggest long-stay car park is a short walk from the town centre and seafront. It is 60p for the first hour, 1.40 for two hours, 2.20 for three hours and 2.90 all day.
Operated by Bridlington Harbour Commissioners, it is 1 per hour between 8am and 6pm, and 1 for overnight parking after 6pm.
East Riding of Yorkshire Council's car park on the harbour. A prime location so the charges are more than at other council locations. 1.40 for the first hour, 3 for two hours, 4.60 for three hours and 5.40 to stay all day.
Not somewhere you would choose to park, but if you do have an appointment, it is 1.20 for an hour, 2.50 for two hours, 3.50 for three hours, 4.50 for four hours and 6 if you stay longer than four hours.
The park and ride at South Cliff is 4.50 per car, and allows up to five people to travel into the town centre by land train or bus. It is open from the end of March to the end of October.