12 things you know if you grew up in Scarborough

Here are 12 things you know if you grew up in Scarborough.

By Corinne Macdonald
Thursday, 20th June 2019, 2:40 pm
12 things you know if you grew up in Scarborough
12 things you know if you grew up in Scarborough

From summer days on the beach to watching Santa arrive into the Harbour, here's a list of 12 things you'll know if you grew up in the town.

Many stroll straight passed the Spa well on the steps leading to South Bay. But if you grew up in Scarborough you'll know this is where the spa waters come from. The font of our great town.
Running parallel to Sandside, these little passages are a surviving relic from medieval times. They're also an excellent way to get from Bamfords to the Harbour bar whilst avoiding the crowds in summer.

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Ever tried to explain to someone from out of town why they close the road and we get to take the afternoon off school to go to the beach and skip on Pancake Day? It's an old tradition that originates from sailors. And we love it.
No school disco was complete without a set from DJ Dave Marshall. Generations of Scarborough children know the lyrics to Bridge Over Troubled Water because of this man.
Who was Hairy Bob? Who knows! But you've definitely made up a story about the cave.
Hands up who spent hours in the summer holidays looking for the dinosaur footprints on Jackson's Bay.
"Seaside Danny Wilde, say Seaside Danny Wilde". The legendary entertainer has been wowing the crowds in Scarborough for over 30 years.
Shuttleworth Gardens will always be known as the fairy gardens and as a child you went to post your letters to the fairies there.
Abracadabra.........Magic Mike has been entertaining the town's birthday parties for more than 25 years. You went to one, you loved it and you treasured your balloon animal for days afterwards.
You came, you saw, you went on the bumper cars, ate some candyfloss and took a goldfish home.
If you know that Santa arrives via boat every Christmas, then you grew up in Scarborough, and probably spent many a frosty December day crowding round the Harbourside to watch.
For most of the UK Boxing Day means a lie in and a day on the sofa. For Scarboroughians it's more important than Christmas. Fishermans v Firemans football, raft race and ladies day. There's plenty of time to lie in on the 27th.