Bridlington man took on fundraising skydive as a 'wonderful tribute to his wife' being in remission for five years

Bridlington man Paul Tinsley recently took part in Macmillan Cancer Support’s charity skydive to celebrate his wife being five years in remission from cancer.
Paul Tinsley and his wife Christine at Bridlington Airfield.Paul Tinsley and his wife Christine at Bridlington Airfield.
Paul Tinsley and his wife Christine at Bridlington Airfield.

Mr Tinsley, 52, helped to raise more than £56,000 as one of a team of 22 daring fundraisers who leapt from a plane.

The tandem skydive raised money for Macmillan Cancer Support as part of the charity’s partnership with York Racecourse.

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Mr Tinsley, who lives just minutes from where the jump took place at Bridlington Airfield, said: “It was absolutely amazing, we had the perfect day for it.

"The skies were clear and you could see for miles around. To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect, but I wasn’t nervous at all. It felt quite surreal like it wasn’t actually happening, even on the way up in the plane!

“The first time it felt real was when we fell out of the plane and that 30 seconds of falling you’re struggling to get your breath! But it was absolutely fantastic to be a part of.

“We received practical, emotional support and just advice from Macmillan. I think we had some financial support, too.

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"It was all kinds of things and it was nice to have someone to lean on at the time. You don’t really realise just what Macmillan offers until you need them.”

John Rullo, Macmillan’s fundraising manager, said: “It was a wonderful tribute and gesture from Paul to his wife, Christine, to commit to throwing himself out of a plane for her.”

The ‘Jump of Their Lives’ team can still be supported at