Dead humpback whale found floating near Whitley Bay may be the same animal spotted in Bridlington

A dead humpback whale, found floating off shore around Whitley Bay, could be the same creature spotted in Bridlington yesterday.

By Jade McElwee
Tuesday, 17th September 2019, 4:04 pm
Image: Ian Howard
Image: Ian Howard

Ian Howard captured four images of the humpback whale in Bridlington Bay and people responded with how "amazing" and "fantastic" the sighting was.

However, just one day later it has been confirmed that a humpback whale has been found dead.

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British Divers Marine Life Rescue has not yet established if it is the same animal.

Martin Kitching, North East Regional Officer MARINElife, posted on social media about a Humpback in a "great deal of distress" yesterday.

He said: "Just after 5pm yesterday I had a message about a humpback whale 3nm E of the Tyne. Images and video showed an animal in a great deal of distress, swimming with it's head up out of the water and groaning.

"After consultation it was decided to not publicise the whale's presence as humpback whales in difficulty elsewhere have attracted a lot of attention and the last thing it would have needed would have been to be approached by small boats.

"Part of the lower jaw appears to be missing and one of the pectoral fins appears to show some damage which may be consistent with entanglement."

Currently, a number of organisations are arranging a recovery as soon as possible.

Martin said the videos of the whale which alerted him to the whale were "quite upsetting to watch".