"Earthquake" felt from Castle Howard to Sleights identified as sonic event by British Geological Survey

Reports of a loud rumbling and possible ground movement were reported across large areas of North Yorkshire on Wednesday afternoon.

By Louise Perrin
Wednesday, 17th November 2021, 9:09 pm
The event was noticed along the Yorkshire Coast
The event was noticed along the Yorkshire Coast

Information on the British Geological Survey Twitter page read: "BGS : Possible sonic event North Yorkshire November 17 2021 15:46 UTC

"BGS have received a number of reports from residents in North Yorkshire who reported an event at approximately 15:50 UTC today.

"Data from the BGS seismic networks in the region were examined and signals consistent with a possible sonic origin were recorded between 15:47:42s and 15:49:23s UTC on several stations, on the BGS seismic network, in North Yorkshire.

"Reports included: 'house shook and conservatory creaked', 'a low rumble ending in a thud', 'windows rattled' and 'felt the ground tremble'.

"The reports received are also consistent with historical observations received for previous events with a sonic origin."

One Twitter user said: "Felt in the air and all through our bodies near Castle Howard. Kids froze, dog ran for her life. Former now thrilled, latter hiding under my bed."

Another commented: "My house shook and windows rattled so hard I thought they were going to break. Bang followed by low long rumble. #Sleights