Event at Bridlington North Library to offer energy saving advice to residents

An event which aims to save people money on energy bills will take place at Bridlington North Library next month.

By Phil Hutchinson
Wednesday, 1st June 2022, 9:39 am
The energy saving event will be held at Bridlington North Library.
The energy saving event will be held at Bridlington North Library.

The event, which will take place on Thursday, July 7, will provide residents with simple money saving hacks to save on fuel costs.

Heating surveyor David Ebert said he wants to save people money on heating and hot water and he has a plan to do it based on years of surveying cold homes with high running costs.

Over the years as a surveyor he has seen how businesses and households waste money by not implementing simple steps and he will pass his knowledge on at the meeting.

Mr Ebert said: “Over the years I’ve surveyed just about everything, homes, hotels, conservatories, offices, shops, mobile homes and even mansions.

“People call me after all other efforts had failed and I have to be honest, what I witnessed in home after home, the incomplete advice people have been given with regards to heating, cooling and hot water amazed me.

“97% or more did not know the basics of heating commonly used in Europe and almost 100% were not using any of the advice I give to all of my clients.

“This is a national problem and it goes without saying, people are losing money hand over fist, right now. money that they could easily keep.

“The principles to savings and a warmer home are very simple but like a new car, they need to be explained which takes an hour or so.

“I have to get this message out as it is not available from the normal sources, for example, your heating installer won’t tell you, neither will your plumber, electrician, gas fitter, energy advisor or money saving expert, that means any money saving expert by the way, your energy supplier won’t tell you either.

“There are simple things you can do that will save you money and give you a warmer home often with immediate effect – but of course you need to know how to do them.

“My knowledge could help people have a warmer home in winter, a cooler home in summer, and make consistent savings.”

Seating for the session at 7pm is limited so booking early is essential on 01262 411707. There is a nominal fee to cover venue costs and expenses of £7.50 per person.