Ex-para Chris Lewis heads from Whitby to Scarborough on his round the UK SSAFA fundraising walk

The ex-paratrooper has raised over £200,000 for the charity so far.
Chris, Kate and JetChris, Kate and Jet
Chris, Kate and Jet

Chris Lewis has been walking the coast of the UK for 1467 days non-stop in a bid to raise money for The Armed Forces Charity SSAFA.

He arrived in Staithes today (Friday August 6) and will continue on to Whitby and then Scarborough over the weekend.

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Chris served with the 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment and had some challenging times since returning to civilian life. He said: " As a single parent, I've been bringing up my daughter for the last ten years and SSAFA have really helped me keep my head above water throughout that time.

The three travellers take the chance to record the journey at every stepThe three travellers take the chance to record the journey at every step
The three travellers take the chance to record the journey at every step

"I have experienced first-hand what they do and I honestly don't know where I would be without their help and support.

"Having recently finished school, my daughter is now moving to attend college in Bournemouth, where she will stay with family.

"This recent development has left me to re-evaluate a few things and has offered the opportunity for me to give back to those who have helped us so much.

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"I am in my element when outdoors, from surfing and coasteering to intense physical training, which has hopefully prepared me for the task ahead - a walk of approximately 14,000km.


"This will obviously not be a walk in the park - I am starting with no money and will be solely relying on the goodwill of the British public and companies donating what food, water, accommodation and equipment they can to help me on each leg of the journey."

While Chris, 41, started out with nothing, and describes himself as technically homeless, he has certainly gained a few things along the way, not least of which are rescue dog Jet who he adopted on the West Coast of Scotland and girlfriend Kate Barron, 34, who he met 12 months ago.

When asked why he's doing what he's doing Chris said: "I just wanted to give something back, I love what we do, it's a wonderful adventure."

If you'd like to make a donation, you can find Chris's JustGiving page here and if you see him be sure to go and say hi!

You can follow Chris on his Facebook page Chris Walks the UK here.