Example: Everything you need to know about tonight's Bridlington Spa event

The singer/songwriter/rapper is bringing his tour to Bridlington Spa this evening, Friday, February 2.
The singer/songwriter/rapper is bringing his tour to Bridlington Spa this evening, Friday, February 20.The singer/songwriter/rapper is bringing his tour to Bridlington Spa this evening, Friday, February 20.
The singer/songwriter/rapper is bringing his tour to Bridlington Spa this evening, Friday, February 20.

Performing 17 dates across all the major towns and cities, Example will kick things off at Bridlington Spa today, Friday, February 2.

The homegrown legend in the scene and triple-threat singer, rapper and producer released his highly anticipated 8th studio album ‘We May Grow Old But We Never Grow Up’ in June last year to critical acclaim and featured a stellar line-up of collaborators.

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As an iconic figure, loving father and exceptional artist, Example is the frontman of multiple generations. Having spent close to two decade’s in the game, the UK mainstay has crafted a career drenched in accolades.

The doors will open at 7pm.

Beyond Chicago will hit the stage three times at 7pm, 8.40pm and 9.10pm.

Local will be on the stage at 8.20pm, followed by Plain Old Kev at 8.50pm and Hayla at 9.20pm.

Example will then hit the stage at 9.45pm.

A spokesperson from Bridlington Spa said: “We would like to remind customers that this is a Standing Event. The building will have an environment with reduced lighting in the auditorium, there will be a lot of people.

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"It will be hot and it will humid. Please ensure that you dress accordingly as inappropriate dressing can quickly lead to overheating.

“We realise the following security procedures may be seen as onerous but customer safety is our utmost priority at all times and we will make no adjustments.”

You must not park any vehicle on Bridlington's Spa's forecourt. By parking in this area you risk having your vehicle removed.

Parking is available at two car parks on the Harbour Top, north of the venue, at the Palace Car Park approximately 900 metres away, on the sea front south of the building and in some of the side streets south of the building (always check parking signage).

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There will be no admission to the building without a valid ticket. If you have forgotten to bring or have lost your ticket you will not be allowed into the venue; even with a proof of purchase.

Bridlington Spa say they do not recognise the secondary ticket market. If you have not purchased your ticket from nominated ticket agents or from Bridlington Spa you may be refused access.

Rigorous security checks, bag searches, metal detection sweep and random pat-downs will be in place before, during and after the event and the advice to customers is that this may result in delays getting into the building.

They reserve the right to refuse admission to any ticketholder not prepared to accept the following:

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There will be no cloakroom facilities. If you bring a bag, it must be the smallest you can get away with. Larger bags including rucksacks cannot be stored and you may be refused past security with it.

You may bring in mobile phones and pocket cameras but all larger devices, including professional cameras, iPads and tablets cannot be brought into the venue and we will not store them for you.

Any coats and jackets may need to be taken off for checking when passing through security.

You must not bring food of any type (including confectionery beside a small bag of diabetic sweets) or drink of any type into the venue. Provisions will be made available at all bars for those who are diabetic. Any food and drink that is confiscated will be disposed of.

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Other than one lighter or e-Cigarette. You must not bring any liquids into the venue including, but not limited to perfume and deodorant. Any liquid found during security checks will be confiscated and disposed of.

You must not bring any item into the venue that could be used as a weapon or missile, including but not limited to umbrellas. Any item meeting this description will be confiscated and disposed of.

You must not bring pyrotechnics or flares into the venue, these will be confiscated, you will be automatically refused entry and may result in criminal prosecution.

No crowd surfing.

There will be no Pass Outs once you have entered the building with a valid ticket. If you leave the venue once you have entered, you will not be allowed back in.

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All bars will accept cash but the preferred method of payment is via debit/credit card.

These are available to concert goers only, from 7pm once you have passed through security. Alternative toilet facilities are located on Princess Mary Promenade next to the RNLI Lifeboat station or South Cliff Gardens on the Harbour Top.

Family members or friends arriving to collect concert goers will be required to wait outside regardless of the weather and will not be permitted to enter the venue.

At the end of the event, no ticketholder will be permitted to re-enter the venue once they have left.

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If you think that any of the security precautions listed above will adversely affect you individually then please contact us before the event; especially if you need to bring medication or preventative items into the venue (standard medication is accepted i.e inhalers, prescribed tablets, over the counter pain relief).

If you have a disability which may affect your ability to move around a standing concert then contact Bridlington Spa before the event.

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