Former Yorkshire Coast Radio staff to launch own radio station for Scarborough and east coast

Former Yorkshire Coast Radio staff are launching their own radio station for Scarborough and the rest of the East Coast.
Paddy BillingtonPaddy Billington
Paddy Billington

Breakfast show host Paddy Billington revealed the move to The Scarborough News after he and several colleagues left the station when it became Greatest Hits Radio.

Paddy will be joined by fellow former Yorkshire Coast Radio presenters Tom Hooper and Matthew Pells.

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“It’s been really hard to ignore how many people have been asking why we can’t set up our own radio station,” he said.

“There’s just been too many people asking.

“It seems like the option that would be the biggest pressure but there is a team of us who were at Yorkshire Coast Radio who have decided to do it because Yorkshire Coast Radio was so important to the community.

“We feel like there is demand in the area for us to give it a go.”

The team hope to launch the new station - This is the Yorkshire Coast - next month.

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“I will be doing the breakfast show and Tom Hooper will be doing an afternoon show.

"Matthew Pells will be presenting on the new station too," he added.

“It’s a gamble but too many people seem to want it so we’re giving it a go.”

Paddy, who grew up in Scarborough, said he had been listening to Yorkshire Coast Radio since it began and he is sorry to see it changed under the Greatest Hits Radio merger.

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“Leaving has been emotional because it’s not just been about me losing the show that I really enjoyed doing, it’s also thinking back over the history of the radio station,” he said.

“Everyone in radio has heard of the success of Yorkshire Coast Radio. We almost thought we were untouchable.”

Yorkshire Coast Radio became Greatest Hits Radio this week following the Bauer Media rebrand.

Bauer Media bought the owner of the station, UKRD, along with Lincs FM, Celador Radio, and parts of Wireless last year.

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