Helmsley birds of prey centre welcomes its first chick of 2020 - on Mother's Day

The National Centre for Birds of Prey (NCBP) in Helmsley, hatched its first chick of 2020 - a Steller’s Sea Eagle - on Mother's Day.

Monday, 23rd March 2020, 3:29 pm
Updated Monday, 23rd March 2020, 3:31 pm
Rishi was born on Mother's Day

Weighing in at 105g, the chick will eventually grow into the largest eagle in the world and will weigh up to 7,300g when fully grown.

The bird has been christened Rishi after the Chancellor whose promise to pay 80 per cent of NCBP staff wages during the coronavirus epidemic has meant that this renowned conservation organisation can hope to weather the storm, now it’s had to close its doors to the public.

The National Centre for Birds of Prey, which is based in Helmsley’s Duncombe Park Estate, is part of a global conservation effort to help the red-list Steller Sea Eagle species.

National Centre for Birds of Prey Director Charlie Heap with the chick's mother Inowashi

Steller’s Sea Eagles are found only on the coastline of North Eastern Asia and are declining at an alarming rate.

NCBP director Charlie Heap said: “There’s not much to smile about at the moment, but I’m not embarrassed to admit I shed more than a few tears of joy when this little chap hatched in one of incubators.

"He (or she, as we don’t yet know) will go back in with mum and dad in a few days' time.”

The National Centre for Birds of Prey first opened its doors seven years ago in March 2013.

It is closed to the public due to the pandemic at present but will reopen when it is safe to do so.

Anyone wishing to help the centre with its vital work and to help with the upkeep of the birds in the meantime can adopt a bird or book a future experience or visit with a gift voucher at www.ncbp.co.uk

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