If you have one of these surnames from Scarborough and surrounding areas you could inherit a fortune

There are unclaimed estates linked to Scarborough as well as Whitby and Bridlington.

By Corinne Macdonald
Monday, 13th January 2020, 9:51 am
Updated Monday, 13th January 2020, 9:52 am
Stock Image: JPI Media
Stock Image: JPI Media

There are unclaimed fortunes in Scarborough and the surrounding towns and if you have one of these names, an inheritance could be yours.

The Government lists unclaimed estates which have been recently referred, but not yet administered, and historic cases which have been administered but not yet been claimed within the time limits for doing so.

According to the most recent update on January 10 there are 16 unclaimed estates linked to Scarborough, Whitby and Bridlington, and they could be worth a lot of money.

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Estates are unclaimed when a person dies without making a will.

Check through the surnames below to search for relations and see if any money could be left to you.

To find out more about whether you can claim, click here to visit the Government website.

Do you have one of these surnames?


Doreen Amelia Hunt, born Scarborough 8/5/1909, died Scarborough 21/3/2004

Jesse Woodson James, born Leeds 31/8/1930, died Scarborough 4/10/2007

Ruth Lilian Lighting, born Scarborough 13/3/1921, died Scarborough 3/1/2003

John Mann, born London 14/2/1940, died Scarborough 18/9/2015

Kenneth Middleton, born Scarborough 25/5/1928, died Scarborough 8/1/2002

June Margaret Salter, born Scarborough 24/6/1934, died Scarborough 7/11/2015

Violet Wilson, born Hull 18/11/1920, died Scarborough 29/3/2005

Ida Anne Gibbs, born Scarborough 21/12/1917, died London 14/12/1998

David Robert Ogden, born Scarborough 14/3/1950, died Shipley 15/1/2004


Joseph Steven Hall, born Skipton 16/7/1927, died Whitby 20/2/2011

Marjorie June Coltart, born Whitby 5/7/1924, died Guisborough 23/5/2012


James Henry Barnett, born Mustapa, Egypt 9/12/1933, died Bridlington 30/5/2002

Violet Cooper, born Sheffield 9/9/1918, died Bridlington 2/12/2004

Peter Anthony Frankish, born Beverley 23/8/1948, died Bridlington 26/8/2019

John Kilcoyne, born County Cligo, Ireland 21/5/1911, died Bridlington 4/3/1994

Margaret Wilkinson, born Yorkshire 17/6/1927, died Bridlington, 25/4/2003