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IN PICTURES: 17 fabulous images from Scalby Walk 2024 - now in its 63rd year

Scalby Walk returned on Easter Monday for its 63rd year.

220 people, 30 dogs and a goat called Eric took part in the event, which sees participants hike from The Plough Inn in Scalby to The Red Lion in Cloughton and back again.

The charity walk raises money for a different cause each year. In 2024, it is raising money for Newby and Scalby Library and Scarborough Mates.

The route, which was changed this year to avoid two road crossings and more use of the Cinder Track, included refreshment breaks for half a pint of bitter, lager or squash at The Three Jolly Sailors in Burniston, The Red Lion in Cloughton, The Blacksmiths Arms in Cloughton and The Oak Wheel in Burniston.

Scalby Walk started in 1959 and began as a bet in The Plough Inn, Scalby between Frank ‘Sparky’ Sparks and a group of young men.

The story goes that Mr Sparks was scolding the men for going everywhere by car, even from pub to pub.

He bet them that he could walk to Burniston and Cloughton, despite being old, and consume a pint in each pub along the way, and back to Scalby quicker and with less fatigue than they could.

The challenge was accepted, and took place on Easter Monday of that year, and Mr Sparks, always noted for his dress in billycock hat, carnation buttonhole and walking stick, won.

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