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IN PICTURES: Take a look at Bridlington's shop that time forgot

Here’s a last chance look at a shop in Bridlington, which has barely changed in 100 years, before it is sold to a new owner.

The shop was opened by Ernest Whiteley in 1901 and was eventually passed down to his granddaughter Ann Clough. Ms Clough was a well-known Bridlington resident and she ran the shop from approximately 1960 .

Sue Walker worked with Ms Clough for 35 years and took over running the shop when Ms Clough was admitted to a care home around three years ago.

Ms Clough died aged 90 in November 2023, however her legacy at Ernest Whiteley and Co is still strong- with Sue continuing to sell the stock and run the shop the way Ms Clough liked until it is eventually sold.

Sue said: “Ann never wanted to change things in the shop. Her grandfather paid over £1000 for the cases in the 1930s, which was an awful lot of money back then.

“He spent all of his life making that money and spent so much time making the shop what it was, she did not want to change it. It’s history!

“We never took credit cards, it was cash or cheque only and we never went online. She was an absolute technophobe.

“Ms Clough was opinionated and was very much of her era and quite traditional in her thoughts.

“If you came into the shop and started touching things on the rails- she would tell you off! She would always say ‘you look with your eyes not your hands’.

“Everything was pen and paper- the accounts were all hand written and all the stock takes were hand counted. It used to take at least a month to do it! She would then designate time to copy it all into her stock book. She was so old school.

“The shop will have to be sold unfortunately. Bridlington will not realise what a loss it is until the shop is boarded up and gone- most people have grown up with this shop being here on the Promenade.”

Visit here for more information about Ann Clough and her life.

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