Stunning reader images of the Northern Lights.Stunning reader images of the Northern Lights.
Stunning reader images of the Northern Lights.

IN PICTURES: Your stunning images of the Aurora Borealis over Scarborough, Whitby and Bridlington

Seeing the Northern Lights is a common wish on people’s bucket lists – but for many, that dream became a reality after one of the most stunning displays ever seen over the UK!

A series of strong solar flares from the Sun's surface made for some breathtaking displays of colour around the Yorkshire coast on the evening of Friday May 10.

Although it is easier to spot them nowadays thanks to phone app alerts, it was the unusual vividness of the aurora that made the display so magical for those lucky enough to witness it.

Beverley Ellis, of Hustler Road in Bridlington, who sent us some pictures she took from her garden, said: “It's a very rare occurrence that they are visible from built-up areas.

"It was very impressive.

“You could only see the Aurora through the phone’s camera.

"I always wanted to get a picture of them or even visit Iceland one day, now I can cross it off my bucket list.”