Iron Age Shield, part of chariot burial found in Pocklington, is special feature of Malton Museum's new season

The Iron Age Shield, part of the chariot burial discovered in Pockington in 2017, is to feature as a special exhibit at Malton Museum’s exhibition, A Sense of Place, which is to run throughout the 2023 season.
The Iron Age shield going on display at Malton Museum.The Iron Age shield going on display at Malton Museum.
The Iron Age shield going on display at Malton Museum.

Starting on April 1, the new 2023 season will begin with the exciting exhibit.

Malton Museum is very proud to be hosting this special artefact and says it is indebted to Malton-based MAP Archaeological Practice Ltd which led the discovery, excavation and restoration of the chariot burial.

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This beautiful shield was found beside a Celtic warrior who had been buried with his chariot and two horses.

It is one of the most significant archaeological finds in recent history and has been described by Melanie Giles of Manchester University as "the most important British Celtic art object of the millennium”.

There will be an opportunity to view the Shield on Friday March 31 at 6.30pm at Malton Museum, followed by a lecture on the discovery and excavation of the Chariot Burial by Paula Ware of Malton Archaeological Practice Ltd at St Michael’s Church, The Market Square in Malton, at 7.30pm.

Tickets for this special event, to view the Shield, enjoy a glass of wine at the museum, followed by the lecture at St Michael’s are £10 per adult you can visit the museum website to get your tickets.

For the month of April only, the museum will be open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10.30am to 3.30pm.

The season runs until October 28.