Here's why it's been Panda-monium for youngsters at Sleights School, near Whitby

It has been panda-monium for the children of Sleights School this past term.

By Louise Perrin
Thursday, 23rd December 2021, 3:40 pm

The year four/five discoverers class have adopted a panda after reading the Firework-Makers Daughter by Philip Pullman.

The book is set in Asia and as part of the learning process, the children have researched and learnt about the panda.

Class teacher Lucy Taylor said: “The children have learned how, even though the panda has been removed from the endangered species list, they are still in danger of becoming extinct and there are still only just over 1,000 in the wild."

Sleights School children who adopted a panda who they have called Bobby.

The children have raised the money for the panda, which they have called Bobby, by selling tickets for a pizza night and currently have enough money to last for at least a year.

They hope this will not be the only animal they are able to adopt and plan to sponsor at least a couple more during the rest of the school year.