Liam Critchett's story: fighting back setback after setback

Liam Critchett's road to recovery following his tumour diagnosis was not an easy one.

By Martina Moscariello
Thursday, 23rd May 2019, 4:59 pm
Liam Critchett.
Liam Critchett.

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It was after the second one in which he had rods put in that problems started.

He said: “I woke up and I couldn’t straighten my legs, my right leg was leaning in so it was pulling my hip out. It was massively hard.”

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As he continued to grow, rods had to be extended every six months and when permanent ones were inserted in 2012, these got infected and had to be removed.

Just as things started to get better, there came another blow.

“In January 2018 I found out that the tumour started to grow back. It was a massive shock but by then I’d decided to start physio in Hull and I wanted to carry on with that.

"In March I had the operation and I was out in five days. The physio helped me recover the best I’ve ever recovered from an operation and after that I just continued to build strength.”

Liam’s tumour is now the size it should be and is regularly monitored.

This has allowed him to continue to progress day by day.

“Because of everything that happened I can never look too far forward but I intend to do everything I can to see where I could go.”

You can read Liam's full story HERE.