Millie the whippet saved by Scarborough Mountain Rescue Team after falling into beck

Scarborough Mountain Rescue Team conducted an unusual rescue this weekend after Millie, an elderly whippet became stuck in a beck.

15 Mountain Rescue Team Members were involved in the rescue
15 Mountain Rescue Team Members were involved in the rescue

The mountain rescue team were alerted by North Yorkshire Police, who were called to the beck at Carlton Husthwaite on Sunday afternoon.

The elderly dog had fallen into the beck and was unable to get out.

The sides of the watercourse were also too steep for the walker to rescue the dog.

Millie was still wearing her poppy

Once on scene, Scarborough Mountain Rescue Team quickly recovered Millie unharmed from the beck and reunited her with her owner before walking them back to their car in the dark.

A statement on the team's Facebook page read: "We are pleased to see that Millie was still proudly wearing a poppy for Remembrance Sunday after her adventure.

"We had fifteen team members deployed for two hours.

"We have subsequently received the following for Millie's owner: 'Thank you to everyone involved in rescuing my whippet from the beck today.

The sides of the watercourse were too steep for Millie to exit unaided

"I am so grateful to you for giving up your time to help.

"She is very precious to me and I don't know what I would have done without you.

"She's now safely sleeping in her basket and apart from being a bit smelly seems to be no worse off for her ordeal.'"

The team accompanied Millie and her owner back to their car