Missing Filey cat reunited with owners after mysterious 85-mile journey

A kitten that went missing from home on the Yorkshire Coast has been reunited with its owners after mysteriously reappearing 85 miles away.

Four-month-old Loki – named after the Norse god of mischief – disappeared from Filey in early July before making a surprise appearance in Bradford a week later on July 8.

RSPCA inspectors said they were “baffled” by how the cat made the trip to West Yorkshire, but suspect she may have snuck into a car or escaped after being snatched.

Loki's owners, mum Clair Harrison and children Ben, 10, and George, six, were "overjoyed" to be reunited with the cat, which otherwise has no connection to the city.

Loki the cat reunited with owners Ben, 10, and George, six. (Photo: RSPCA)

RSPCA inspector Adam Dickinson said: "I don't think we'll ever find out how Loki managed to get to Bradford, to be honest.

"She's travelled quite a distance from Filey to York – she's certainly not walked that.

"We just don’t know whether someone has taken her and then let her out in the city. But the main thing is she is back with her owners, unharmed and doing well."

The cat's owners were traced using a microchip after Loki walked into a house in Bradford. They were reunited at York Animal Home.

Loki was found 85 miles away from Filey in Bradford. (Photo: RSPCA)

A new collar has since been bought for Loki which tracks the kitten's location.

The RSPCA said the unusual ordeal highlights the importance of microchipping pets and keeping database contact details up to date.