New tourist information centre to open in Scarborough - here's where it will be

A new tourist information centre is to open in Scarborough.

Thursday, 19th December 2019, 10:16 am
Updated Thursday, 19th December 2019, 10:16 am

Following a meeting with guest house owners affected by the degrading of the service, Scarborough Council leader, Cllr Steve Siddons, has announced the opening of a new tourist information hub inside the Town Hall.

The project is part of the council's 'Building a Better Borough' strategy which aims to ensure the opinions of residents are valued and listened to.

Cllr Siddons said: "We've been listening to the tourism industry in the borough and one of the things they raised over and over again is the fact we don't have a tourist information centre in Scarborough anymore so we're going to give the tourism industry a boost by putting a tourist information facility in the Town Hall.

A new tourist information centre is to open in the Town Hall.

"That will be in place in the new year with staff available to answer people's questions, give them information and help them use online facilities to book accommodation or tickets for events."

Another change coming our way early next year will involve the Town Hall itself which is going to open to public for everyone to visit.

Cllr Siddons explained: "Unfortunately, Town Hall was closed for a period of time, we've now reopened it again but we want to open it more fully to the public.

"This is a public building, it's the residents' building and people do come here from time to time to have a look around but feel quite awkward to do that so we want to take that awkwardness away. It's a fantastic building and there's a lot of really interesting things here."