NHS trust urged to improve services at Bridlington Hospital following findings from two surveys

A survey by health and social care organisations has revealed that Bridlington residents would like to preserve and improve services at Bridlington Hospital.

By Phil Hutchinson
Thursday, 17th March 2022, 8:49 am
The Working Towards a Healthy Bridlington survey, which had 224 responses, found that residents wanted to keep and improve services at Bridlington Hospital.
The Working Towards a Healthy Bridlington survey, which had 224 responses, found that residents wanted to keep and improve services at Bridlington Hospital.

The Working Towards a Healthy Bridlington survey, which had 224 responses, found that residents wanted to keep and improve services.

The findings echo last year’s questionnaire conducted by Bridlington Health Forum and a cross-party group of East Riding councillors which saw 1,400 people respond.

The health forum is now urging York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust, which runs Bridlington Hospital, to act on the survey’s findings and reinstate services and improve transport services for patients.

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Dr Anthony Clarke, Chair of Bridlington Health Forum, said: “The council’s survey results confirm residents’ huge concerns revealed in our own separate and much larger survey.

“Bridlington residents have made clear the widespread belief that Bridlington Hospital is significantly under-used and that hospital services must be restored there.

“The ‘one single estate’ concept attracted by far the greatest response.

“For example, the proposed further downgrading of the hospital by moving GP services into Bridlington’s empty wards whilst residents have to travel over 1½ million miles every year for care which should still be available locally, not in Malton or York. Residents have spoken out – they want and need clinics and hospital services they can access locally, not miles away.

“The council has asked the question and now needs to act on the answer from the disillusioned voice of Bridlington; the council, York Trust and the Clinical Commissioning Group must hear and respond to the clearly expressed wishes of the public; Improve and expand the hospital services we really need here in Bridlington.

“Reduce the burden, cost and disruption, especially for the elderly, of travel to distant hospitals.

Bridlington South Councillor Andy Walker added: “I welcome this long-term work for a healthy Bridlington – we certainly should aspire to healthier lifestyles and diet.

“But, in the ‘here and now’ this survey highlighted concerns for Bridlington Hospital and especially the suggested ‘Single Estate’ – which is actually a policy of keeping hospital wards empty then renting-out the space to other non-hospital businesses.

“The message from two separate surveys is clear and the same. Both found real fears at the centralisation of services away from Bridlington with the travel difficulties and expense featuring strongly.

“I hope that both survey results now receive the attention and resources that they deserve.”

The survey’s findings said: “There were 209 comments themed to the one single estate part of our plan with 163 of them directly mentioning Bridlington Hospital.

“These 163 comments were predominantly wanting to retain the current services, protect the services at the hospital or requesting more services be provided from the hospital.

“Two subthemes have emerged from the hospital comments. The first being respondents wanting to see more services provided out of Bridlington Hospital.

“Many of the comments feel that services have been taken away from Bridlington with a wish that they would be reinstated.

“The second subtheme emerging is travel and transport to and from other hospitals.

“Respondents who accept the need to travel for more specialised treatment, worry about the time, inconvenience and costs incurred when travelling to other hospitals such as Scarborough, York or Hull for treatment or to access A&E.

“As mentioned in the transport section; not all residents of Bridlington own their own car and cannot afford taxis so they rely on the infrequent public transport to get them to their appointments, some of these journeys involving switching trains or buses in order to get to their appointments.”

In total there were 224 responses collected from the public and a number of conversations were also held with health and care staff who work in Bridlington.

The areas receiving the most support were diagnostics (59%), transport (58%) and community resilience and prevention (57%).

A number of queries were raised by people completing the survey and, wherever possible, responses to these have also been included in the feedback report.

Caroline Lacey, Chief Executive at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “The report provides a summary of the feedback we received from the residents and staff working in Bridlington. We received strong support for our joint ambition that everyone in Bridlington should have the same opportunities to lead a healthy life, no matter where they live or who they are.

“The feedback will inform the next steps in the journey we are on together to strengthen a preventative and healthy approach in Bridlington and I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to provide their views.”

The full feedback report “Working Towards a Healthy Bridlington: A conversation between the health and social care system and our residents” is now available to view at www.healthybridlington.co.uk

Click here to see the report.